Preparing for Lambing Season




The most important period of the calendar for sheep farmers is upon us, and providing the right housing is essential.


The housing of sheep during lambing season is essential to protect pregnant ewes from harsh weather conditions, illnesses and potential predators. Hypothermia is one of the major causes of mortality in young lambs and without the right housing conditions in place, it can be difficult for commercial farmers to minimise losses especially during cold weather.


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Galebreaker’s fabric solutions offer flexible weather protection and ventilation allowing buildings to be repurposed at short notice. Manufactured with youngstock protection specifically in mind, our range of high performance products can be installed quickly, helping you provide timely housing for your flock and contributing significantly to a successful lambing season.


bayscreen (1)

The Galebreaker Bayscreen offers a flexible and cost-effective way to quickly prepare suitable lambing sheds. Designed to clip onto bays or wider spans up to 20m, Bayscreens are simple to install and quick to remove, providing a flexible way to ventilate, provide weather protection and exclude predators.


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The Galebreaker Rollerscreen allows frequent access where weather protection is required above gates, barriers or feed passages. Manufactured using only the highest quality mesh, Rollerscreen provides protection from harsh weather conditions as well as variable ventilation and fast access for sheep farmers. 


Watch this video to see it in action.